The CxR coffee variety (Caturra X Robusta)

The CxR coffee variety (Caturra X Robusta)
The CxR coffee variety (Caturra X Robusta)

The CxR coffee variety, which stands for Caturra X Robusta, is a hybrid coffee cultivar created by crossing the Caturra and Robusta coffee varieties. This hybridization is done to combine certain desirable traits from both parent plants, resulting in a coffee plant that exhibits unique characteristics.

Here is some general information about the CxR coffee variety:

Caturra (Coffea arabica): Caturra is a naturally occurring mutation of the Bourbon coffee variety, and it is known for its compact size. Caturra plants are shorter and more compact than traditional coffee plants, making them easier to harvest. They are typically grown at higher elevations and produce high-quality Arabica coffee beans with a mild to bright acidity and a clean, balanced flavor profile.

Robusta (Coffea canephora): Robusta coffee is known for its hardiness and resistance to diseases and pests. It is also recognized for its higher caffeine content compared to Arabica coffee. Robusta beans tend to have a stronger, more bitter flavor and a heavier body compared to Arabica beans.

Characteristics of CxR: The CxR hybrid is created by crossing the two distinct species: Arabica (Caturra) and Robusta. The resulting coffee plants may inherit some of the positive traits of both parent varieties. For example, CxR plants might have the disease resistance and hardiness of Robusta while producing coffee beans with different flavor profiles that can vary depending on the specific characteristics of the hybrid.

Usage: The CxR hybrid may be used for various purposes in the coffee industry. It could be cultivated for specialty coffee production, especially if it exhibits desirable flavor attributes. Alternatively, it might be grown for its disease resistance and adaptability in regions where coffee cultivation is challenging.

Taste Profile: The taste profile of CxR coffee can vary depending on the specific hybrid and growing conditions. Some CxR hybrids may exhibit a milder flavor compared to traditional Robusta, with a blend of acidity and body that falls somewhere between Arabica and Robusta characteristics.

Keep in mind that the specific traits and flavor profile of CxR coffee can vary widely depending on the exact hybridization process and growing conditions.

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