The coffee variety S274 which comes from the Robusta variety (Coffea canephora)

The coffee variety S274 which comes from the Robusta variety (Coffea canephora)
The coffee variety S274 which comes from the Robusta variety (Coffea canephora)

S274 is a popular and widely cultivated coffee variety known for its robustness and adaptability to various growing conditions. It is primarily a Robusta coffee variety (Coffea canephora) and is favored by coffee growers for its disease resistance, higher yield potential, and consistent quality. Here is some detailed information about the S274 coffee variety:

Origin: S274 coffee was developed and introduced by the Coffee Research Station in Chundale, Wayanad, Kerala, India. It was released for cultivation in the 1980s and quickly gained popularity among coffee growers in India and other coffee-producing regions.

1. Disease Resistance: One of the key advantages of the S274 variety is its resistance to common coffee pests and diseases, including coffee leaf rust (Hemileia vastatrix) and coffee berry disease (Colletotrichum kahawae).

2. Yield Potential: S274 coffee plants are known for their relatively high yield potential. They can produce a significant quantity of coffee cherries, which makes this variety economically attractive to growers.

3. Flavor Profile: While Robusta coffee, including S274, is known for its bold and somewhat bitter flavor profile, S274 is often considered to have a milder and less harsh taste compared to some other Robusta varieties. The flavor can include nutty and woody notes.

4. Altitude: S274 coffee is typically grown at lower altitudes compared to Arabica coffee, making it suitable for regions with warmer climates and lower elevations.

Cultivation: S274 coffee plants are typically grown as small to medium-sized trees. They require well-drained soil and thrive in regions with sufficient rainfall. Proper care, including regular pruning and fertilization, can further enhance the yield and quality of S274 coffee.

Usage: S274 coffee beans are commonly used in espresso blends and instant coffee production due to their ability to produce a rich and strong coffee flavor. They are often chosen for their consistent quality and dependable performance in various coffee products.

Geographical Distribution: S274 coffee is predominantly grown in India, particularly in the states of Kerala and Karnataka. However, it is also cultivated in other coffee-producing countries such as Vietnam, Brazil, and Indonesia.

Overall, S274 is a robust and disease-resistant coffee variety known for its suitability to various growing conditions and its ability to produce a reliable and desirable coffee product. It has played a significant role in the coffee industry, especially in regions where Robusta coffee is the primary coffee type grown.

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