Supremo coffee from Colombia

Supremo coffee from Colombia
Supremo coffee from Colombia

“Supremo” is a coffee grading term used in Colombia to classify coffee beans based on their size and quality. Colombian Supremo coffee represents one of the highest grades of Colombian coffee available in terms of bean size and consistency.

Here’s some information about Colombian Supremo coffee:

  1. Bean Size: Colombian Supremo coffee beans are among the largest coffee beans produced in Colombia. The grading system is based on screen size, with Supremo beans typically having a screen size of 17 or 18, which means they are relatively large and uniform in size. Larger beans are often associated with better flavor and aroma potential.
  2. Region: Colombian coffee is grown in various regions throughout the country, each with its own unique flavor profile. Colombian Supremo coffee can come from different regions, but it is typically associated with high-altitude coffee regions like Medellín, Armenia, Manizales, Bucaramanga, and Bogotá.
  3. Flavor Profile: Colombian coffee, including Supremo, is known for its well-balanced flavor profile. It often features a medium body, bright acidity, and a mild, clean taste. You can expect flavor notes that may include citrus, caramel, nuts, and a hint of cocoa. The specific flavor characteristics can vary depending on the region and processing methods.
  4. Arabica Variety: Colombian coffee, including Supremo, is predominantly of the Arabica variety (Coffea arabica), which is known for its nuanced flavors and lower caffeine content compared to Robusta coffee.
  5. Processing Methods: Coffee processing methods can vary, but Colombian coffee is often washed, which results in a clean and bright cup. Some regions may also produce natural or honey-processed coffees with different flavor profiles.
  6. Certifications: Colombian coffee, including Supremo, can be found with various certifications, such as Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, or organic, depending on the farm and cooperative practices.

Colombian Supremo coffee is highly regarded for its consistent quality and is a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts worldwide. It represents a premium grade of Colombian coffee known for its balanced flavor and larger bean size.

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