Prickly Pear Preserve

Prickly Pear Preserve - Photo By Thanasis Bounas
Prickly Pear Preserve - Photo By Thanasis Bounas

● 1 kg prickly pears, peeled
● 1 kg sugar
● juice of 1/2 lemon
● juice of 1 lemons
● 250 g quince
● 180 g water
● 1 sprig rose geranium

Carefully peel the prickly pears, paying close attention to its thorns.
Layer the prickly pears in a pan, alternating one layer of prickly pears with one layer of sugar, drizzle with the juice of 2 lemons and leave it overnight.
In the morning, take any juices released by the fruit and the sugar that has not dissolved and boil on low heat until the sugar dissolves.
Increase the heat, add the prickly pears and boil for about another 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave the prickly pears in the syrup for 8 hours.
After the 8 hours, using a slotted spoon remove the prickly pears, put them in a bowl and boil the syrup again until it reaches the desired consistency.
Once the syrup has thickened, put the prickly pears back in the syrup, add the lemon juice and boil for about 2-3 minutes and then turn off the heat.
Allow it to rest for about 10 minutes and while it is still hot, store in glass sterilized jars.
To see if the syrup has the desired consistency, put some syrup on a saucer and allow to cool. Test the syrup with a spoon and if the syrup slowly drips off the spoon in drops it is ready.

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