Orange peel Liqueur

Orange Peel Liqueur Photo By Thanasis Bounas
Orange Peel Liqueur Photo By Thanasis Bounas

1 liter of vodka or cognac
Peel from 10 oranges
2 cinnamon sticks
A little nutmeg
600 g of water
600 sugar

Wash the oranges very well and only remove the orange peel without any white. Put in a bowl and add 3-4 tablespoons of sugar. We squeeze them with our hands to remove the essential oils and place them in a jar. Add the vodka, cinnamon and nutmeg, seal the jar and leave it for 10 days.
Make the syrup using the sugar and water by boiling for 3-4 minutes.
Let it cool down and add it to the jar with all the ingredients.
Leave it sealed for 10 days.
Strain well and store it in sterile bottles.

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