Liqueur Pear

Liqueur Pear Photo By Thanasis Bounas
Liqueur Pear Photo By Thanasis Bounas

6 pears
1/2 liter of vodka
500 g of sugar
500 g of water
Juice of half a lemon

Cut the pears in slices, put them in a jar and add the vodka. Close the jar and leave it for 35 days in a shady place, and shake it every 4-5 days. After 35 days we strain it with a very thin tulle. Squeeze the pears inside the tulle to get all the fragrances. Finally, boil the water with sugar and lemon juice for 5 minutes to lightly thicken the syrup. Leave it to cool, add to the strained pear juice, stir it well to mix the ingredients and pour into a glass jar. It’s lovely served chilled.

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