Liqueur Apple

Liqueur Apple Photo By Thanasis Bounas
Liqueur Apple Photo By Thanasis Bounas

700 g of vodka
1/2 kg of aromatic apples
1 cinnamon stick
5-6 cloves of clover
4 cups of brown sugar

Wash the apples well and put them in a jar, cut into slices and cleared of all pips. Add vodka, cinnamon, cloves. Seal the jar and forget it for a month in a shady place.
Once the month has passed, boil the sugar with 2 coffee cups of water in a saucepan, and when the sugar dissolves, let it cool down. Finally, strain the apple mixture with a thin tulle, add the sugar water, stir and put it in a glass bottle.

Delicious Path
Delicious Path

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