Information about Liberica coffee var. Dewevrei Sub-varieties

Information about Liberica coffee var. Dewevrei Sub-varieties
Information about Liberica coffee var. Dewevrei Sub-varieties

Liberica var. Dewevrei is a sub-variety of Liberica coffee (Coffea liberica), which is one of the four main species of coffee beans along with Arabica (Coffea arabica), Robusta (Coffea canephora), and Excelsa (Coffea excelsa). Liberica coffee is less common than Arabica and Robusta but is grown in certain regions, particularly in West and Central Africa. Within the Liberica var. Dewevrei sub-variety, there are several sub-varieties that exhibit variations in flavor profiles and growing conditions. Here are some of the sub-varieties of Liberica var. Dewevrei:

Dewevrei (Liberica var. Dewevrei): Dewevrei is the primary sub-variety of Liberica var. Dewevrei. It is known for its large coffee cherries and beans. The flavor profile of Dewevrei coffee is typically characterized by bold and earthy notes with a woody or smoky undertone. It tends to have lower acidity compared to Arabica and is often described as having a robust and somewhat astringent taste.

Excelsa (Liberica var. Dewevrei Excelsa): Liberica var. Dewevrei Excelsa is a distinct sub-variety that is often referred to simply as “Excelsa.” This variant is known for its unique and vibrant flavor profile, which includes fruity and tart notes along with the earthiness typical of Liberica coffee. It is often used in blends to add complexity and unique flavor characteristics.

Lagos (Liberica var. Dewevrei Lagos): Liberica var. Dewevrei Lagos is a sub-variety cultivated in Nigeria. It is characterized by its robust flavor profile with earthy and smoky notes. This sub-variety is commonly consumed locally and is considered a traditional coffee in Nigeria.

Barako (Liberica var. Dewevrei Barako): Barako coffee is a sub-variety of Liberica var. Dewevrei that is grown in the Philippines, particularly in the Batangas region. While it is not native to West and Central Africa, it is still considered a variant of Liberica. Barako coffee is known for its strong, bold flavor with hints of dark chocolate, tobacco, and spices. It is a popular and traditional coffee variety in the Philippines.

Each of these sub-varieties of Liberica var. Dewevrei offers distinct flavor profiles and characteristics, but they all share the common trait of being part of the Liberica species. Liberica coffee beans are known for their larger size, which sets them apart from the smaller Arabica beans, and they are often characterized by bolder and earthier flavors compared to Arabica. While Liberica coffee is not as widespread as Arabica or Robusta, it has a dedicated following in regions where it is grown, and it contributes to the diversity of coffee flavors available to coffee enthusiasts.

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