Excelso coffee from Colombia

Excelso coffee from Colombia
Excelso coffee from Colombia

“Excelso” coffee from Colombia is another common classification of Colombian coffee beans. Like Colombian Supremo, Excelso is a coffee grading term that refers to the size and grade of the coffee beans.

Here is some information about Excelso coffee from Colombia:

Bean Size: Excelso coffee beans are slightly smaller than Colombian Supremo beans, but they are still larger than many other coffee beans. They are often classified as having a screen size of 14-16. The size classification is based on the coffee bean’s diameter as it passes through a set of screens, with smaller numbers indicating larger beans.

Flavor Profile: Colombian Excelso coffee shares many flavor characteristics with Supremo coffee. It is known for its well-balanced flavor profile, typically featuring medium body, bright acidity, and a mild, clean taste. Flavor notes often include hints of citrus, caramel, nuts, and cocoa. The specific flavors can vary depending on the region and processing methods.

Varieties: Excelso coffee in Colombia is predominantly of the Arabica variety (Coffea arabica). Common Arabica varieties grown in Colombia include Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, and Castillo.

Processing Methods: Colombian Excelso coffee can undergo various processing methods, including washed, natural, and honey processing. The processing method can influence the coffee’s flavor and aroma.

Regions: Coffee is grown in different regions throughout Colombia, each with its own microclimate and terroir. These regions contribute to the diverse flavor profiles of Colombian coffee. Some well-known coffee regions include Medellín, Armenia, Manizales, Bucaramanga, and Bogotá.

Certifications: You can find Colombian Excelso coffee with various certifications, such as Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, or organic, depending on the farm and cooperative practices.

Colombian Excelso coffee is a versatile option that is often used for blending due to its balanced flavor and slightly smaller bean size compared to Supremo. It offers a dependable and consistent quality that is appreciated by coffee roasters and enthusiasts alike.

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