Characteristics of the “Full City” coffee roasting method

Characteristics of the “Full City” coffee roasting method - Photo By Thanasis Bounas
Characteristics of the “Full City” coffee roasting method - Photo By Thanasis Bounas

Full City roast is a coffee roasting method that falls between medium roast and dark roast on the roasting spectrum. It’s known for bringing out a balance of roasted flavors while still preserving some of the inherent characteristics of the coffee beans.

Here are the key characteristics of Full City roast coffee:

Color: Full City roast coffee beans are roasted to a medium to medium-dark brown color. They are darker than City roast beans but lighter than dark roast beans. There may be some oil on the beans’ surface, but it’s not as pronounced as in dark roast coffee.

Aroma: The aroma of Full City roast coffee is often rich and aromatic. It includes a combination of roasted, nutty, and caramelized notes. There may also be hints of fruitiness and floral undertones.

Acidity: Full City roast coffee typically retains moderate acidity. It’s less bright and sharp than City roast coffee but still contributes to the overall complexity of the flavor profile.

Body: The body of Full City roast coffee is usually medium to full, offering a satisfying and rounded mouthfeel. It strikes a balance between the lighter body of City roast and the heavier body of dark roast coffee.

Flavor Profile: Full City roast coffee exhibits a complex flavor profile. It allows some of the bean’s natural characteristics to come through while incorporating roasted, caramelized, and sometimes chocolatey notes. You might also detect a subtle fruitiness or floral quality.

Bean Character: Full City roast coffee maintains a good degree of the coffee bean’s origin character. You can often taste the unique qualities associated with the coffee’s growing region, including the terroir and varietal nuances.

Sweetness: Full City roast coffee typically has a pleasant sweetness, derived from both the inherent sugars in the beans and the caramelization that occurs during roasting.

Versatility: Full City roast coffee is versatile and can be used with various brewing methods, including drip brewing, pour-over, espresso, and French press. Its balanced flavor profile makes it a popular choice for those who appreciate a well-rounded and nuanced cup of coffee.

Caffeine Content: Full City roast coffee retains a relatively high caffeine content compared to darker roasts, as the beans are not roasted as long, which helps preserve more of the caffeine.

In summary, Full City roast coffee strikes a balance between preserving the unique flavors of the coffee beans and achieving some roasted complexity. It offers a rich and complex flavor profile with moderate acidity and a medium to full body. This roast level is favored by coffee enthusiasts who enjoy a well-rounded and flavorful cup without the intense bitterness of darker roasts.

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