5 delicious homemade liqueur recipes

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Peach Liqueur - Photo by Thanasis Bounas
Peach Liqueur - Photo by Thanasis Bounas

Lemon Liqueur

5 lemons
750 g of vodka
3 glasses of water
750 g of sugar

Wash the lemons very well and cut them in quarters.
Put them in a jar, add vodka, seal it well, and leave it in a shady place for 2 weeks.
In 2 weeks put the water and sugar in a saucepan, and over moderate heat boil the syrup for 15 minutes.
We turn off the fire and let it cool down.
Then, in a bowl, strain the vodka with a tulle and add the syrup that has cooled.
Stir the mixture and it’s ready to put it in the bottles.

Lemon Peel Liqueur

1 kg vodka
500 g of water
10 lemon peels without the white pith
450 g of sugar
100 g of honey
2 sprigs of fresh rosemary

Wash the lemons well and with a fruit peeler we peel the fruit, removing the peel only, without the bitter white pith.
In a jar, put the peels and vodka, close the lid and leave it in a shady place for 10 days.
After 10 days, we put the water in a saucepan and add the sugar and rosemary and boil until the sugar dissolves.
When the sugar dissolves, we add the honey and turn off the heat.
When the syrup is cold, we pour it into the jar with the vodka and peels.
We close the jar again and leave it for another 5 days in the same spot.
After 5 days, we strain the liqueur with a tulle without pressing the peels.
Put our liqueur into glass bottles, leave it for another 5 days to mature and it’s ready to enjoy it.

Peach Liqueur

10 peaches cleaned and cut into pieces
The inside of the pits broken using a mortar
300g of sugar
1 cinnamon stick
800g of cognac

In a large jar, add the pieces of peach and add all the ingredients above.
Close the jar well, agitate it and place in a shady place for 3 weeks.
We shake often to dissolve the sugar.
After 3 weeks, strain it using a tulle and put it in glass bottles.
We leave it for a few days to stand and our liqueur is ready to enjoy.

White Berry Liqueur

1 kilogram of white berries
1 liter of vodka
500 g of sugar
Juice of half a lemon

Wash the berries very well and remove the stems with scissors.
We press the berries with the purée tool to mash lightly.
Put them in a jar with the sugar and vodka and close it well.
Leave it for 1 month in a shady place near the sun.
Once the month has passed, we strain it with a tulle and store it in glass jars.

Liqueur two-Color Mulberry

1kg of two-color berries
700 g of sugar
1kg of vodka or cognac

Wash the berries well and cut the stalks with scissors.
Gently mash them in the blender and put them in a glass jar along with the sugar.
We close the jar well and leave it in the sun for 4 days, shaking it frequently to dissolve the sugar.
When the sugar dissolves, add the vodka and leave it in the sun for another 3 weeks.
After 3 weeks we strain well with a tulle, put it in glass bottles and it is ready to enjoy it.

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