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Apricot Jam - Fig Jam - Melon Jam - Arbutus Unedo Jam

Arbutus Unedo Jam - Photo By Thanasis Bounas
Arbutus Unedo Jam - Photo By Thanasis Bounas

Apricot Jam

1 pound of ripe apricots
800 g of sugar
1 lemon to stop crystallization
1 stalk Pelargonium Graveolens

Clean the apricots and cut them into 2 or 4 pieces, place them in the saucepan and cover them with the sugar. Leave them all night to release all their juices. The next day we put them over heat, and when they boil, we skim them and lower the fire until it thickens. To see if our jam is sufficiently set, after 20 minutes of boiling, put a little on a saucer and let it cool down. If necessary, continue to boil, and repeat this step. When our jam is ready, we turn off our heat and pour the lemon and Pelargonium Graveolens. When it is cooler, put it in well sterilized jars.

Fig Jam

1kg of figs (20-24 figs)
500 g of sugar
1 stalk Pelargonium Graveolens
1 lemon

Peel the figs and slice in half. Put them in a pot, add the sugar and leave them for 4-5 hours until they have released all their juices.
Then put the pot on medium heat and simmer for about 25-30 minutes until our jam sets.
Stir constantly with a wooden spoon so that it does not scorch.
Five (5) minutes before turning off the heat, add the lemon juice and the nutmeg geranium sprig.
Remove from the heat, let it rest for a while and remove the nutmeg geranium sprig.
Store the jam in sterilized jars.

Melon Jam

1 kg melon
300 g sugar
2 pcs star anise
30 g brandy
Juice of 2 lemons

Slice the melon into small pieces and put them in a pot.
Add the sugar, lemon juice, star anise and put the pot on medium heat.
Boil, stirring constantly, until the melon has dissolved and the syrup has set.
Finally, add the brandy and simmer for another 5 minutes until our jam sets again.
This jam is not thick but rather runny.
Remove from the heat, remove the star anise and store the jam in sterilized jars.

Arbutus Unedo Jam

500 grams of ripe Arbutus Unedo
300 sugar
Juice of half a lemon
50 g water

In a small saucepan, put the Arbutus, squeeze them a little with your fingers, and add the water and sugar. We leave them all night to extract the juices. In the morning, put them over a strong heat for 10-15 minutes, then lower the heat and boil until the jam thickens. Put into a sterile jar. This is a rare jam because it is not easily harvested and is best enjoyed when available.

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