Coffee varieties derived from the Robusta coffee variety (Coffee caniphora)

Coffee varieties derived from the Robusta coffee variety (Coffee caniphora)
Coffee varieties derived from the Robusta coffee variety (Coffee caniphora)

Robusta coffee (Coffee canephora) is one of the two main coffee species, alongside Arabica (Coffee arabica). Various coffee varieties and cultivars have been developed from the Robusta coffee variety (Coffee canephora) over the years to meet specific regional and market preferences. Here are some notable Robusta coffee varieties and cultivars:

CXR (Coffea canephora x Coffea eugenioides):
CXR is a hybrid between Robusta (C. canephora) and the coffee species Coffea eugenioides.
It is known for its improved cup quality and lower caffeine content compared to typical Robusta coffee.

Liberica-Robusta Hybrids:
Some coffee varieties are hybrids between Robusta and Liberica (Coffee liberica) species.
These hybrids are often developed for their hardiness and disease resistance, combining the robust qualities of Robusta with the adaptability of Liberica.

Guinean Robusta:
This Robusta coffee variety is grown in the West African region, particularly in countries like Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire.
It is known for its bold and full-bodied flavor, often used in espresso blends.

Java Robusta:
Java Robusta is grown on the Indonesian island of Java.
It is known for its earthy and woody flavor profile and is often used in blends.

Uganda Robusta:
Uganda is one of the major producers of Robusta coffee.
Ugandan Robusta is often characterized by its strong, full-bodied, and sometimes bitter taste.

Indian Robusta (Parchment and Cherry):
India is another significant producer of Robusta coffee.
Indian Robusta is often used in espresso blends and is known for its strong and bold flavor.
Varieties like S274 and CxR are popular in India.

Ruiru 11 and Batian (Kenyan Robusta Varieties):
Ruiru 11 and Batian are Robusta coffee varieties developed in Kenya.
They are known for their disease resistance and are aimed at improving the Robusta coffee sector in East Africa.

Robusta Clonal Varieties:
Many countries with Robusta coffee production have developed clonal varieties to improve yield and cup quality.
These clonal varieties are often chosen for their specific characteristics and adaptability to local conditions.

It’s important to note that Robusta coffee is typically associated with a stronger and more bitter flavor compared to Arabica, which tends to have a milder and more nuanced flavor profile. The choice of Robusta variety or cultivar can impact the taste and characteristics of the coffee produced, making it suitable for different brewing methods and market preferences.

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